Our Wedding Details {Part II}

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know I am obsessed with details. Completely and utterly infatuated with the lovely little things that make a wedding or event so special. I became so involved and wrapped up in the creation of the details for our day that on more than one occasion, I ended up placing less importance on other elements to our big day like our menu, officiant, rehearsal dinner and so forth (not that these things weren't important it's just that the other crafty items were much more my thing and thus more interesting and exciting. Yeah yeah my priorities weren't exactly straight). 

A few days after our wedding while I tanning, or rather frying, my poor skin in the Bahamian sun I got to thinking about our wedding details. And I felt like perhaps I hadn't added enough. There were a few different projects and vintage pieces I had completely forgotten about in the whirlwind, I mean in the days leading up to the wedding and as a result were left behind at home. I kept asking myself "Did everything look alright?" "Did I infuse enough Andrew-and-Rhiannon-are-in-love-ness into our day?" "Were my efforts to make our wedding special evident to our guests?" I wasn't quite sure then. But now, thankfully I'm sure. Our wedding was uniquely ours and I feel so proud of everything I created.

I love that we bought our vases from the Dollar Store and used two different colours of lace to spruce them up a bit. This was a really easy and fun project for Andrew and I to do together and saved us a ton of money since we didn't have to rent or buy vases direct from the florist. For those of you who have asked or may have ended up asking eventually the flowers used in our centerpieces were pale purple-pink stock, Belles of Ireland, ivory garden and Vandela roses, and pale pink lisianthus. I think our florist also threw in a few pale yellow roses which wasn't what was planned but out centerpieces looked beautiful so I'm not complaining. Our table numbers were vellum and thanks to the tea light beneath them, during dinner really cast a beautiful glow throughout the small dining room.

Our cake I discussed in this post and really I can't say enough great things about it. Luckily for us the chargers, linens and chair covers were included with the caterer who choose. My gray nail polish is an Essie colour and a hue I always wear on my nails. It matched the sash on my gown. The Love mugs from Anthropologie were one of my favourite details since they were the one thing we had as the focal point to our sweetheart table. And I can promise you that when I bought the mugs, it wasn't an overdone wedding trend yet :) It seems like every wedding recently has their share of Anthropologie monogrammed mugs! 

{The Details}
Our Cake - I Do Wedding Cakes
Cake stand - HomeSense Canada
Love mugs - Anthropologie online
Bride and Groom signs - lilmissi on Etsy
Vellum table numbers - iLUMIEnate on Etsy
Team Bride and Groom Buttons - repchi on Etsy
Cake server and knife - (a gift from my bridal shower) Bowring
He Said She Said cards - designed by me, printed by Papertalk Press
Lace and ribbon and centerpiece vases - Fabricland and the Dollar Store

How did you (or do you plan to) infuse personality and uniqueness into your wedding day?

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Kerry said...

Rhiannon, I've always thought you did an absolutely gorgeous job on the wedding and I love every single one of the details. There will always be more you wish you would've done, but I think you should be so proud! Everything about it looked absolutely stunning! :)

dCc said...

Your wedding is simply stunning and I adore every little detail - what a special day!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking through all your wedding photos, everything is so gorgeous and perfect. You did a really good job on everything - especially all these details!

Nikki said...

I love your LOVE mugs with florals. What a sweet, and totally reusable idea!

Sadly I only had as many details as I could fit in my luggage.

Natalie said...

Your wedding posts make my day. Everything looks perfect.

ASHLEY said...

Such beautiful details!!!!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

You my dear did a lovely job, and I know looking back you feel as though you could have incoorperated a few more details, but to the observer aka moi...hehe...it looks simply GORGEOUS, just like you and your blog! :)

I have to say I liked the idea of rock candy at a coffee and dessert bar for my wedding and when I saw it in your wedding it was more inspiration...so much of what you did I had already pulled as ideas for mine and I love seeing how you used everything!

Also, your beautiful engagement ring is so similar to mine and the band is very similar to the band I have chosen from Tiffany's to go with it...we have a similar taste and I love it!

Keep these lovely posts coming, please!

Liesl :)

living well said...

Everything is sooooo gorgeous!!!

Kelly said...

I didn't know the anthro cups were all over the blogosphere! I was just thinking how cute that was. Don't want to jump on with an outbound trend ;)

Tamara Nicole said...

Everything is so perfect! We had ours an English Garden theme . . . we arw world travelers so I had each table named after a city in Europe (Rome, Paris, etc.) with "aged" looking pictures of us in each location . . . I had soooo much fun with our wedding as well, it's all in the details girl:-)

Great job!

Michaela said...

Everything is stunning. I love the details and how soft they are. I love the last picture...it looks like the candies are made of diamonds, too! I adore details SO much! xoxox

Caroline said...

Everything looks so sweet and beautiful!!!

Marcie said...

OMG, the rock candy photo is amazing!! I am in LOVE with your wedding and all the detail. The colors are so soft and stunning for the wedding.

xo Marcie

PS- your comment about Lululemon is cracking me up! I am taking your advice and going for the splurge. :)

Brooke said...

My main focus is definitely all the details too :) I know I shouldn't focus so much on it but I want people to have a good time and say wow this wedding was amazing! I wish we could have a cake like yours but ours is going to be a simple and small buttercream cake and a cupcake topping bar so everyone can have dessert!

Ashley said...

the rings on the rock candy are phenomenal!

Nicole-Lynn said...

How gorgeous is every little detail! Just from looking at the deocor, I can sense your wedding was FULL of love and as you would say, "Andrew-and-Rhiannon-are-in-love-ness"! haha Love it all Rhiannon!!! The dresser idea was genious, and came together beautifully! I hope you found good use for it after the wedding too! The ring shot, last picture is to die for! Gorgeous!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

So amazing...that dessert dresser is so pitch-perfect and GENIUS! I love the different knobs on it! Congrats on your big day, it looks like a fairy tale come true...now for the happily ever after! (c:

Wild and Precious said...

man, i only WISH my wedding had half the personality... i mean, i think i might as well have been 12 when i got married... i just had no clue of any of us... wish i knew you then!

natasha {schue love} said...

Just stunning!!! Love all your details...beautiful! xo