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I did it, I did it, I did it! Now get ready for one long post :)


It happened again. I had cupcake nightmares last night. You know the ones where evil cupcakes chase you through the night while their perfectly piped buttercream flies off into the air sending you into a panic? You don't get these? Hm. I do. I did. Last night I was a wreck. Between two trips last night, and two trips this morning to the grocery store, (plus 2 yesterday morning and one made by my loving Dad), I am grocery stored out! I was stressed. I was flustered. I was all over the place!

Now let me say that I had fun today. The stress was TOTALLY worth it. I had an adrenaline rush just getting this thing set up and doing this wedding was such a blast for me. I recruited my brother Josh to join me for some help (there was LOTS to set up and carry around) plus he made for a pretty good photographer. Here I am placing each of the cupcakes into their purple wrappers. A tricky task considering if the frosting touches the wrapper you are done for; they get greasy fast!

Setting Up
The lovely bride left fresh flowers on the table for me to use around the base of the tower and she couldn't have picked more perfect blooms. The pink roses were beautiful and matched the fondant flowers perfectly. When I placed them underneath the base of the tower I fell in love with the look. So bright yet undeniably sophisticated. What do you think?
This is my favorite shot of the day and ironically is a shot of my favorite flavor the bride and her sister picked; a moist vanilla cupcake filled with lemon creme and then topped with vanilla bean buttercream. When we came up with this combo, I thought it would be way gross. But I was wrong and the customers were right :) It was heavenly. This frosting is to die for. Check out the vanilla seeds in there. Love it!
Red Heads
The pink flowers went on top of the Red Heads, traditional Red Velvet and Cream Cheese.
Mint Meltaways
And the purple flowers went on top of the Mint Meltaways; double chocolate cake and chocolate ganache covered in mint-infused buttercream. I also made these little signs for the table which were to help guests determine which cupcake was which flavor. The purple matched the wedding colors and I thought the black matched the stand nicely. Not sure if they kept them on the table or if the bride liked them but a little DIY never hurts :) Come to think of it, this whole order was a lot of DIY...
The wedding was held at a hotel in Niagara Falls, and when I walked in everything felt so familar; I used to compete gymnastics at this hotel when I was younger! Except I never knew about the room that the bride and groom picked for their wedding. It was upstairs tucked away on the 10th floor and it's so intimate and cozy. The white, purple and pink decor they picked was so simple and beautiful. I wish I could have stayed to see it all come together (aka the bride in her dress, the bridesmaids dresses, etc etc :) What a view huh? That's the American side of Niagara and the Falls are so exciting to watch. It must have been gorgeous at night all lit up.
Hello USA!
The View
One of my favorite things about the bride was how no-fuss, cool and down-to-earth she was and it showed with how spectacular and amazing everything came together. At the door to the reception room was the welcome table with the seating chart and what have you, and they had these gorgeous tall branches draped in a few jewels. Under that was a big bowl of the white cards with wire tie and purple flowers and this was to serve as their "wedding guest book." Each guest is to write a little note on the white cards and then hang it on the tree. How unique, personal and adorable. I bet that those branches looked amazing by the end of the night dazzled in personal notes from loved ones. I left a little note myself...
The top of the cake (the one part I am not so proud of; I am a terrible 'icer' and since I am not a fan of pound cake it was tough for me to say this cake tasted good) was a three layer pound cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. The groom's fave cake is pound cake so we couldn't forget about him! I think the whole thing came together nicely. Crazy-iced pound cake and all!
Cake Cutting
Wedding 026
Melesha, may you and your new husband (and the little one!) have a life of happiness and love and I hope your big day was everything you wanted and dreamt it to be. I loved tasting cupcakes with you and your sister and hope we will cross paths again soon. Sharene, you were a fabulous Maid of Honor and thanks for the sweet call tonight. You two better have danced your butts off tonight :)
Who has an awesome brother? ME
To Josh, my 16-year-old brother; thanks for all of your help today and for your input and compliments and constant reassurance that the tower would not fall over :) The Fun House wasn't so fun, the Water Park was a rip off, our waitress thought we were dating AND our dinner was kind of crappy but knowing that something as simple as cupcakes could bring us closer together is pretty cool. I love you!
My Helper
Happy Baking, and until next time, Rhiannon

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ilovemy5kids said...

Gorgeous! Coming over from SITs! Did I mention GORGEOUS!!!???!!!!

Blessings to you!

the ungourmet said...

Yay! So glad you figured it out!!

The cupcakes are smashing and I absolutely LOVE the frosting with the flecks of vanilla bean. I love the colors also. So Nice!

Did you see my Pink Lemonade Cupcakes? I was so excited to find the big pink sprinkle balls! ;0)

scrappysue said...

WOW - you did good! i hope they loved it! photographer gets props too!

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh you did a fantastic job Rhiannon! You should be very proud, the cupcakes all look perfect and are so stunning together with the fresh flowers on that stand! Congratulations! I bet you will get many an order flowing in!

happy mama said...

Gorgeous! I wish I was getting married again!

DollFace Delights said...

Rhiannon -

Everything looked so pretty! You did an awesome job and I know tons of people will be placing orders with you! I loved how everything looked and I think you made the right choices with the cute wrappers and flowers! I am so happy for you!

Chablis said...

Oh. So. Pretty.

You did a fabulous job! And your little bro sounds like a sweet one!

Katy ~ said...

Oh my. These are simple beautiful! I love the cupcake holders. All that work and it paid off handsomely. Surely your craft added to the beauty and joy of the day.

Jennifer Rose said...

the tower looks great :D perfect colours. hmm wish I had of done cupcakes now for our wedding :)

Lucy said...

Oh congratulations what a huge achievement! The stand looked absolutely stunning and my mouth watered at all the flavours! I'm sure you made the day extra special for that lucky bride :)

Hilary said...

Honestly, your icing job on the layer cake is fine. It looks good!

But the stars are the cupcakes, of course! Wow Rhiannon! It looks just beautiful. That really is one of the prettiest cupcake towers I have ever seen. Well done!

Tiffany said...

It turned out beautiful! Great job and the cupcakes sound sooooo yummy!
Stopped by from SITS to leave my comment love.

Mini Baker said...

I stumbled upon your website, and I LOVE it! One of my new favorites...
These wedding cupcakes are beautiful, love the colors!
Happy Baking!,
Mini Baker :)

Lynn said...

Wow, you are so talented, these are absolutely gorgeous!! I want some and I want a cupcake stand like that and I want some fresh flowers to put around the base of it. Perfection :)

Jen said...

Love it!! So beautiful? Where did you get that stand??! I'm starting up my own bakery/deli/cupcakery in Chilliwack BC and would love something like that!!!
If you are ever around here you have to come and check us out!
Whisk it up!!

Manic Mother said...

Yeah! So pretty, I love the flowers!

Stephanie said...

Glad your wedding cupcakes turned out so fabulous and beautiful! (I still want to try that Mint Meltaway!!!)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

wow, beautiful! i could never make something so perfect...good for you and your talent & patience!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Ab-so-lute-ly FABULOUS! :) I love that cupcake tower...genius to do the little paper cups. I think your DIY ideas were great. So pretty!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! You have mad skills.

Kristin said...

That is beyond beautiful!

pocket full of pink said...

What a SWEET post! CONGRATULATIONS, it turned out AMAZINGLY well! And you are absolutely glowing in the pictures. What fun!! I am thrilled for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhi,
fabulous job!! You did real good. I am sure your sweet cupcakes were enjoyed by all at the wedding.
I rushed home from work today to read your blog.
Love seeing the pics of you and Josh. If you are Little Miss Baker then what it Josh's official title??? Little Mr...... :)Love you,

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Oh my gosh, this is so incredibly beautiful!!! I love the little cupcake paper holders. So pretty!!

Debbie said...

Unbelievable! I love your work.

Deb said...

Oh my! Incredible.

You're an artist in the kitchen.

Visiting from SITS.

Sweet dreams.

Little Miss Baker said...

Ilovemyfivekids thank you thank you thank you!!

Kim thanks a bunch sista! :) You are awesome to be so kind.

ScrappySue thank you! He's a good helper yes he is!

Apparently Jessy and Happy Mama you guys are so sweet to leave such kind words. Thank you greatly for taking the time to comment xo

Erica and Chablis, Thank you :) You girls rock my socks!

Katy my friend, thank you so much xo

Jennifer Rose, thanks a million!

Lucy and Hilary, thank you for the support and comment love. I had such a blast with the tower and I am glad you love it as much as I did!

Tiffany, Mini Baker and Lynn thank you thank you thank you. I can't say it enough! I am trying to get over to all of your sites when I get some free time in this crazy month here!! :) Thank YOU!

Jen the stand is cardboard I painted and glue together and covered in ribbon. I got it from a store in Michigan! If I am ever in the area I will BE THERE :)

Beth thanks a ton friend :)

Stephanie, thank you so much and please do try it very soon!

Madamoiselle, Amanda and withoutadornment, thank you!! You are all too kind to me and it's so encouraging. Thank you!

Thanks Kristin!

Pocketfullofpink thanks lady for being too sweet! Love hearing from you every now and then :)

Thanks Auntie! See you tomorrow! Love you!!

Thanks Mandi girl! xo

Debbie and Deb thanks guys for stopping by abd making my day :) Means the world to me!

♥peachkins♥ said...

love that cuppy tower. You make the most adorable cupcakes!

DollFace Delights said...


Wanted to let you know, I did a mini shout-out about your interview. Check it out on the DollFace Blog.

GreedyGirlsGuide said...

That is a goregeous cake

Kerri said...

Stopping by from SITS! I LOVE cupcakes....can't wait to read more!

DollFace Delights said...

The interview is posted. Everyone go check it out and support Miss Rhiannon!

Sharene the MOH said...

Rhiannon, thank you SOOOO much for the cupcakes. They were amazing to say the least. So beautiful. And the way you used the flowers to decorate the tower was perfect! Everyone loved them but no one ate more than I did :S

The groom said he walked into the room and the cupcake tower was the first thing that he saw. He couldn't stop talking about how impressed he was.

And on top of all of that, it was such a breeze and a pleasure working with you. We really can't thank you enough!!!

Sharene, the MOH with icing on her top lip :)

Tiffany @ Eat at Home said...

Absolutely beautiful! But my favorite part about that post was the paragraph about you and your brother. Now that is cool! Treasure your friendship with him.

Encore Bride said...

That was a gorgeous set up and they sound yummy too, I wish you much success!

Happy SITS Day!!!

"The Encore Bride"

Thas said...

Hi Little Miss Baker,
I would say ur a Terrific Miss Baker:)I am in love with this Wedding cup cake tower, loved the flowers on top of the cupcakes. Very elegant and a splendid treat to the eyes and taste buds!
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Needless to say u have a grt website nd an amazing passion.
Do visit my website:

Have fun Baking!

lolly said...

Crazy! I am from Buffalo, NY which is 10 mins away from Niagara Falls. This post makes my heart ache!