Mini Choco Chip Pancake Muffins

Love them
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Now these were yummy. I wanted to create something easy, not too messy, that required ingredients I already had on hand and that could still be devoured a few days later. I came across this recipe on Bakerella's site (no worries everyone, the comparisons have stopped!) and it fell perfectly into the above four categories. So I had to make 'em. They are too cute not to!
Make sure you whisk all of your dry ingredients together. Whisk Whisk Whisk.
Chocolate Chips
And stir in your chocolate chips by hand; no mixer needed for this recipe!
The recipe called for pure maple syrup but I only had the good old stand-by, Aunt Jemima. She makes me smile. Everytime I see her face on that sticky bottle of goodness. You only need two tablespoons in the batter but I could have added a little more and these things would have been better than perfect.
Grease your mini muffin pan. Grease it GOOD. Or your muffies won't come out!
Then bake them in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 9 minutes or until the edges get a tad brown. No longer though, or the muffies won't taste their best. Let them cool a bit in their pan them move them to a wire rack to cool completely. If you're anything like me, you will pop a few in your mouth to silently enjoy the melted chocolate chips against your cheek. Mmmm.
Going, going, going...
Gone! Nom nom nom....But nothing tastes as delicious as mini treats with a cold refreshing glass of milk. I drink about 3 litres of milk a week for all of you who wanted to know a juicy tid bit about me. I love milk. If all I had to drink was milk for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content.
Mini Choco Chip Muffins
1 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tbsp sugar
2/3 cups buttermilk
1 egg
2-4 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp melted unsalted butter
1/2 semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and grease a mini muffin pan really well. In a large bowl combine your flour, baking powder and soda, salt and sugar and stir with a wire whisk until combined. Mix your wet ingredients in another bowl until just combined and then combine the two mixture together. Stir in the chocolate chips by hand and divide the batter evenly among the mini wells. Bake for 9 minutes or until done and let cool before enjoying. Feel free to serve with syrup or to eat as a snack! Enjoy.

Happy Baking, and until next time, Rhiannon

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Danielle Sy said...

YUM! I will try to make this... :P

Chablis said...

You're adorable, and if you went missing...I'd be SO sad! I think you are very talented, and I really enjoy the fact that you consider yourself and apprentice.

Thanks for the yummy recipe! My girls would be in heaven with this for lunch...

Jennifer said...

I am SO SO happy to hear that everyone advice and thoughts helped to pick you back up and inspire you to BAKE..and bake some yummy mini's!! These look and sound sooo fabulous!!! Especially the maple syrup in them ;)

AMEN for friends!

Tiffany said...

Yummy! These look tasty as always. BTW- my cake pops turned out yummy and were a hit at the kids party, and the almond trick does

Leslie said...

SO yum. And like you I love love love MILK. I drink about 1/2 to 1 Gallon a week(tanks goodness it is only skim, or I would be as fat as a house!!)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

YUMMY!!! I love mini muffins for my girls (okay, for me too). They're great for kids b/c they don't get a big giant muffin and lose their appetites. :) I am looking forward to your tutorial. :) Glad you are staying!!!

DollFace Delights said...

Okay, those muffins look so good (and way better than Bakerella's...I'm just saying!!)

You must try luster dust, it is the best thing EVER. I've played around with it my last few cakes and I loved the results.

I want some of those cutters, so I will head over to your sponsers website to place an order.

Cher said...

How DO you do it? those pictures look amazing...such cute little muffins!!

Jennifer Rose said...

*adds chocolate chips to shopping list*
good syrup costs a fortune here tho :/ actually any syrup does and it comes in these little bottles
(I just realized you are in Burlington, I spent a few years there growing up)

Liz said...

Sounds wonderful. When the girls come home with my sons they love to cook for me. I will have to show them this one.

Anonymous said...

Those look so yummy, I'm going to have to try them.

Mini Baker said...

these look scrumptious!

Gina said...

Yummy! I saw these on Bakerella's site and wanted to try them! I'm so glad you tried them out! They are a must now!

Suzi said...

This would be perfect to make the night before a school day. I am always hard pressed for time in the mornings. Keep em comin!

♥peachkins♥ said...

aww..too cute. I love the picture with the cup of milk!

Ashley said...

mmm they look great rhi!!

Katy ~ said...

These muffins have a beautiful crumb! Perfection!

Karine said...

They look so cute and delicious! Thanks for sharing :)

Parita said...

awwww so cute and plump!

pocket full of pink said...

Mmmmm, I want to jump into the computer and eat these!!! LOVE the new cupcake logo! Oh and I'm still dying to know what camera you use. Forgive me if you've already posted about it!

pocket full of pink said...

Mmmmm, I want to jump into the computer and eat these!!! LOVE the new cupcake logo! Oh and I'm still dying to know what camera you use. Forgive me if you've already posted about it!

JennyMac said...

Wow...another great recipe. I am making your brownie-cookie dough delight this weekend. YUM.

I BLEED PINK said...

I noticed someone asked the same question I asked about your cam and photos. You really need to do a post on how you get your photos to be so amazing.

Little Miss Baker said...

Danielle let me know how it goes :)

Chablis, thanks lady :) and I am here to stay even if it means blogging one a week! Your kind words mean a lot to me. I hope you have fun making the muffins!!

Jennifer thank you thank you. I am glad you helped convince me to stay too! Give these a try and you will be hooked; promise! Amen is right sista!

Tiffany way to go! I'd love to see the finished result!

Leslie, we are so very alike you and I, Milk is the best beverage out there!

Amanda, thanks my friend. These are pretty yummy!

Erica, let me know if you get the veineers. I will be doing a post on them pretty soon AND I will have to post a bit about the camera and lighting I use since lots of you ask!

Cher, thanks love!

Jennifer Rose, what a small world! Where abouts did you grow up?? And no syrup where you are?! Tsk tsk! What are they thinking?!

Good Luck Liz! Fill me in on the results :)

Phone Queen Thanks!

Mini Baker, thank you!

Gina, they are great, thanks!

Will do Miss Suzi :)

Thanks Peachkins!!

Thanks Ash!

Thank you Katy!

Karine, thank you :)

Parita thank you!!

PFOP, I will do a post soon on my camera and lighting, since you have asked before (I swear I left the answer on your bloggy :) hehe Thanks for stopping by!! xo

Jenny Mac. you will LOVE the brownies. Promise!

Erica, see above hahaha

Kristin said...

Must have right NOW!