Featured Goodness: The Bottom of the Ironing Basket


I am not sure I quite remember meeting Simone from The Bottom of the Ironing Basket. I think she may have commented on my site prompting a visit over to hers, quickly followed by a whirlwind blogger courtship before I fell head over heels for her little corner of heaven. The fact that despite having so many loyal followers and friends she still manages to come say hello to me, combined with the absolutely stunning pictures she has a knack for finding, well I am smitten with Simone. And love everything about her.

Naturally she was a perfect fit for the first Hey Gorgeous Featured Goodness post. Read on to find out more about Simone, her blog, and why she's downright fabulous and wonderful. If you don't know about her already, you'll be thankful you do now :) Simone was also gracious enough to send some of her favourite inspirational images along, like this beauty...


Where You're From/Where You Live: London, England

Birthday: April 23

Two Sentence Personal Summary: I am a girl who loves glamour, beauty, fashion, magazines, movies, travel and my girlfriends. And I'm a wife and a mummy!

Why Do You Blog: To create something beautiful and glamorous, to share and collect my thoughts and because I love the process of creating each blog post.

What is the Best Part About Where You Live: It's very much a family neighborhood, lots of parks and green space, great schools, fantastic friends - and I can walk everywhere, everything I need is pretty much within 5 minutes.

What Does "Goodness" Mean to You: Beauty, purity, love, kindness, wonderful and gorgeous things to look at and read about.

What is the Best Part About Your Blog: I have wonderful followers who leave me the kindest comments. I am also just very proud of how pretty it looks! This is the first time I have ever 'made' or created anything in my life and I do feel very proud of it!

Some of Simone's fave images. Simply fabulous!


What is the Best Part of Your Day: Lunch in the local woods with my son, coffee with friends, getting everything done on my to-do-list - and getting into bed a night, I love my bed!

Biggest Inspiration: My girlfriends - and anyone who has made a big change in their life simply because they knew they weren't following their heart's desire and they knew they had to at least give it a try. It takes a lot to step away from what is familar and reliable but sometimes it is the only way.

Biggest Achievement: Hopefully my children and also the next chapter of my life, whatever it may be.

Biggest Fear: Losing my children.

Biggest Love: My children.

Three Words to Describe Yourself: Loyal, kind and emotional!

Three Things You Cannot Live Without: My little family of 4, reading and conversation.

Three Things You Can't Stand: Meaness, snakes and spiders!

Favourtie Food and Drink: Really hard to choose! If it had to be one drink only, it would have to be a cup of Earl Grey tea, and for food: seafood, pasta, Cadbury's milk chocolate and fresh bread.

Favourite Place to Visit/Stay: New York City and Villefranche-Sur-Mer on the French Riveira.

{Favourite Blogs and Why}

Lou, Boos & Shoes - Great writing and gorgeous images
Let's Have a Cocktail - Very funny and sometimes very moving writing
Mimi Charmante - Beautiful photography and inspiring writing
Hey Gorgeous (awe!) I love beautiful weddingsm they make me cry every time!
Dustjacket Attic - gorgeous magazine images
Count It All Joy - family living at its funniest and most real
Dress Design & Decor - Fantastic and inspiring design, images and fashions

Most Memorable Day of Your Life: One December Sunday in Central Park, NYC, we had rented bikes and my husband proposed to me. I hadn't expected it at all and I literally felt my life change. Because of the time difference we couldn't actually call anyone until the next day but actually it was really special having the news all to ourselves for a while.

And Simone, you were a drop-dead gorgeous bride on your wedding day in October of 1998. This photo radiates everything a marriage is supposed to be and I am so thankful you sent it over to me. It was hands-down my fave out of all the lovelies you sent me:


Thank you for being a part of this series, Simone! Your such an amazing lady with a kind heart and sense of style anyone would be lucky enough to posess. For those of you who know Simone already, you know what I mean. For those of you who don't; what are you waiting for? Head on over to The Bottom of the Ironing Basket and say hello. And have one splendid Friday everyone XO

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LouBoo said...

Hi Rhiannon...love this series, what a great idea! I know Simone fairly well (considering we have never met!) and I have learned more about her from this post. Of course her blog is just wonderful and was one of the reasons I started blogging myself. I have always maintained she has a great eye for detail - which is why her posts are so dreamy and why she has so many followers. Have a lovely day! Louise x

Simone said...

Oh Rhi.......this is AMAZING!!! How DID you make me look so good LOL!!!!?? You are a genius! Right now I am feeling I couldn't be more excited if Vogue featured me!!!

I cannot thank you enough for featuring me on your blog, I was so flattered to be asked....you know that I love your blog, cos goodness knows I tell you all the time....you have great style and taste....you blog the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen....EVER....and are a beautiful soul.....and I think you can only ever say that about a few people that you meet in your life, you have a very special quality about you.

I loved the questions that you asked, very thought provoking, and really enjoyed writing my answers.

Thank you so much for your kind words about me....I am beyond flattered, I truly am. Really really really thank you so much. The feeling is absolutely mutual.

Long posts...long comments....you know me! I am sure I will think of something else that I wanted to say and will have to come back LOL!!

Have a beautiful week-end Gorgeous!

Simone xoxo

Bernadine said...


Ah another Canadian. I was blog hopping and I came from Barry's blog. I love your blog. It's cute. :)

I'll be following you from today. :)

Mary said...

I'm already a follower of Simone's - her blog quickly became a favorite. I agree it's gorgeous and inspiring. I love this post - it's always fun to learn a little bit more about the person behind the blog. And it helped me discover yours! It's beautiful as well. I will definitely be back. Thanks!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

I adore Simone, and loved reading more about her! Thank you so much for featuring her! The "Most Memorable Day of Your Life" touched me a great deal, what a sweet story, and she made a gorgeous bride!!!! Love her and love YOU. You both have stunning blogs.


Lenore said...

Love the inside look at the blogger - great idea!

Thanks for stopping by Lather. Write. Repeat. So nice to meet you!


sara said...

What a fantastic series, Rhiannon! Simone sounds fabulous, heading over to check out her blog right now. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Sara

I'maNolaGirl said...

I had not seen this blog, and I feel like I have been missing so much!

The Allure House said...

Amazing photos.
First time I visit your blog, I'll absolutely return :)

Kisses from Portugal,


Wendy said...

What a great first feature Rhiannon! It is so fun to meet new "friends"!

mimi charmante said...

this is my first time here thanks to our gorgeous friend simone~ she truly is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside - one of my oldest and dearest friends. i am so happy that you featured her, as she is such an inspiration for so many.
happy weekend,

Angela said...

Wow, that wedding picture is just stunning!! I'm off to check out this wonderful blog right now <3

ellinelle said...

..hello ; )
..those pictures are truly amazing , I love the first image that dress is just out of this world ..
..I will definitely check her blog , it's sounds wonderful ..

have a great weekend ..

Lori said...

I have known Simone for 10 years now and we have really grown closer the past couple of years. This is a fabulous post on her and she is as wonderful as she seems!!

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous bride and fabulous feature. It's been to long since I visited Simone!

Hazel said...

Just followed your link and discovered Simone's blog for the first time, thank you so much for the introduction!! :) Hazel

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Lovely post Rhiannon!! and she is a fellow Londoner, yay for introducing her to us! off to check her blog!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Rhi...

I am new follower of TBOTIB and totally agree with you. Her blog is filled with eye candy to feast your eyes on. It is nice to know more about the brains behind such a lovely blog.

Thank you doll.


and flowers pick themselves said...

so wonderful! i love this series!

xo Alison

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I really loved reading more about my darling friend Simone. She is such a doll and a lovely part of our blog community. (Ooo thanks babe for mentioning DJ's, love ya).

The wedding shot is my fav, Gorgeous!!!!

Great idea for a series too.
xoxo DJ

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Rhiannon, I found your beautiful blog via Simone.

Simone's blog is a delight and so is she. The wedding picture is just lovely xx