What's a Wedding All About Anyways?

Kate Webber Photography

Is it about the flowers and the cake? The fancy chairs and invitations? The massive guest list and favours? I can admit that most of these things sound fabulous when it comes to throwing/planning/thinking of a wedding. But deep down inside, after the wedding comes and goes, there remains a marriage and the only thing needed in that equation is two people who love each other.

Yet, throw in a fabulous backdrop, a gifted photographer, a beautiful, understated gown and pop of colour from a beautiful bouquet and well, what could be better? When Blair of Wild and Precious asked me to guest post on her fantastic blog (oh my gosh!) she asked me to somehow incorporate traveling into the post. With my love of weddings, her love of traveling, and the sheer beauty, simplicity and honest to God true love that is this wedding by Kate Webber, I knew this was the most perfect thing to share with all of you! Enjoy these photos originally featured on Style Me Pretty.

Kate Webber Photography

Oh and in case you're wondering, this couple were the only two at their own wedding. Well them, the officiant and the photographer of course. How cool is that? The wedding took place at Cuixmala, in Costalegre, Jalisco, Mexico. Without the costs of having a huge wedding the couple were free to splurge on a luxurious destination to get married at. And if you haven't noticed already, they had an absolutely intimate and magical experience wouldn't you say?

Kate Webber Photography
Kate Webber Photography
Kate Webber Photography
Kate Webber Photography
Kate Webber Photography
Kate Webber Photography
Blair you are one spectacular little lady! Thank you for letting me be a tiny piece of your wonderous corner of inspiration; I hope your travels are going safely and you're having the time of your life. See you when you get back gorgeous :)

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Candace said...

Very romantic!

g e o r g i a said...

What a Beautiful Wedding! Just the two of them that is very romantic!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

Barry said...

Hey gorgeous, thanks for sharing these fantastic photos with us!


Caroline said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Sending you a hug! xo

Sara said...

Unbelievably beautiful. Love that last shot.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Hey Gorgeous,
How are you feeling, how did things go? I am sending a prayer up for you in Mississippi.

I just want to tell you what a wedding is about, in simple, heart felt words.

A wedding is about the one thing every girl needs.

Yep, Yep, that'll do it..
You weren't expecting mushy were you?
I love you!

cindy* said...

i spied this wedding a couple weeks ago too! so precious and intimate...perfection!

Punctuation Mark said...

i think so many people get lost in the true meaning of getting married... these images really tell about people who have their feet on the ground... hope you're having a great sunday!

Design Esquire said...

Just gorgeous!

Rhianna said...

Such gorgeous colors in all these photos!!

and flowers pick themselves said...

so lovely + romantic! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison

Lenore said...

Beautiful! A part of me absolutely loves the idea of a wedding with just 2...


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness - I'm over here gasping at how intimate this day was for the two of them. Everything is so luxurious. (And, of all things, that roof is great!)

clearlytangled said...

so beautiful :)
except for the zebra part- zebras scare me.

i really like the detail on the top of her dress. so elegant!

living well said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love the dress and the gold shoes!