The Perfect Pumpkin

Isn't always the prettiest.

Have a safe and festive Halloween everyone! Apb is here and it's fabulous to be spending a longer than normal chunk of time with him especially over a holiday weekend. After a busy two days of pumpkin picking, a double date dinner with some friends, a cookie baking endeavor and some finalization of Hey Gorgeous Event's website, I'm very thrilled I have the whole day to just relax. We have some pumpkin carving lined up for this afternoon plus some scary movies and candy-handing-outing tonight before he heads back to the Windy City tomorrow. I'm feeling grateful for being able to find the joy in the little things in my life. Here's to hoping you're all doing the same. xo P.S. I'll be back this week to catch up with everyone and get back on track with regular blogging! 

8 Lovely Comments:

Barry said...

Hey gorgeous! I love that of all the pumpkins to choose from you'd have a picture of this one. So much to take from what you've written here.

Hope all's well Rhi.


jessica lynn said...

the perfect pumpkin isn't always the true! i'm trying to get my husband to watch some scary movies tonight but he seems to be more interested in football :) hope that you had a great weekend! happy halloween.
p.s. thanks for the sweet comments on my blogs!


So true! I saw the most perfect, not very pretty one this morning. Happy Halloween, sweetie pie. Hope you're having a fabulous one! xoxo

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Such true words and I agree!

Liesl :)

Scientific Housewife said...

Very true! Hope you had a great weekend!

Rachel @ La Bella Bash said...

It's definitely all about the little things. So excited to see your new website and what loveliness you have in store for us!


Ashley said...

aw i love that little pumpykin. it's ugly beautiful. it's the pumpkin version of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.

Hope Halloween was frightfully delightful for you and the hubs!

Oh, My Darling said...

Totally agree with your pumpkin philosophy!